Health and Safety

Be very wary of using take home kits. They often do not work effectively and can cost a lot of money! Many kits also have the potential to damage your teeth. They can also aggravate gum disease. Consult our Aesthetician, or your Dentist, with regard to the following questions.

Home Trays

If you are considering using a take home tray that must be worn overnight for a sustained period, please be very careful. Prolonged exposure will cause itching or burning sensations to the soft gum tissue. This can also lead to gum disease.

The majority of people that come to us having already used expensive gum shields, complain that they could not finish the prescribed 2 week period because the gum trays were too painful. The results of gum trays are inferior and can also cost significantly more at a dentist.


Some people will experience sensitivity after the treatment. This is quite a normal occurence and completely ceases after 24 hours when the dentine tubes have returned to their normal shape. Most people experience no sensitivity after a couple of hours.


The gels we use have actually been proven to be good for your teeth. Our special whitening accelerator kills over 500 of the 600 harmful bacteria in your mouth (helping you to avoid gum disease). The gel and accelerator also remove plaque (you can literally see it falling off during the treatment). When cleaned, and only when cleaned, your teeth will actually re-enamalize helping you to avoid future cavities!


Before having your teeth whitened, always ask to be told the pH level of the whitening gel. This is because acid and acid alone will corrode your teeth and gums. If your dentist or whitening technician is unable to answer this question, perhaps consider going elsewhere.

The gels we use are tailored to the pH level of saliva, so as not to cause any damage to the teeth or gums.

Type of Acceleration Lamp

Our technology uses a cold blue light. Filtration through optical fibres eradicates all Ultra Violet (UV) and Infra Red (IR) light. The whitening accelerator we use is classified a class 1 medical device, and has been granted CE, FDA and ISO9001 certification. It is the safest device currently on the UK market.

Heat lamps (such as Zoom) contain UV light and can cause sunburn to the lips and outer mouth. Preparation time is longer and can therefore be quite uncomfortable. The gums can also be burnt if they are not covered correctly.