05th Jan 2014

We are delighted to be working alongside the amazing Jemma Upton - Semi permanent Makeup Artist.
Jemma Upton specializes in semi permanent make-up. She is one of the most skilled medical aestheticians working in the capital city and the UK.

Visit Jemma at

01st Jan 2014

Bright White Smiles launches new London Knightsbridge website.

29th July 2013

non peroxide teeth whitening results review
Teeth Whitening Results after just 40 minutes.
Client pictured never had teeth whitened before.

17th September 2012

Your teeth condition can visibly age you

A recent report cited by Oral-B, studied 2000 participants in the UK. The study concluded, that we make judgements based on 'initial impressions', it is a persons smile and teeth that prompt us to a judgement of their lifestyle.

The report concluded that:
-Bad teeth can age a person by 13 years
-82% think that you can earn more if you have aesthetically pleasing teeth
-Men rank a gorgeous smile over a great figure!
-40% of men think that women with unhealthy looking teeth must be single

The report agrees with work done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, this concludes that cosmetic dentistry has a tremendous benefit to giving our patients the ability to smile with confidence.

First impressions really do matter as it is obvious how much we all assume about a person from just looking at their teeth and smile.