Teeth Whitening Kit - Exclusive to Bright White Smiles

Deluxe LED Teeth Whitening technology, Peroxide Free immediate results

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As supplied to Dentists this LED Light Teeth Whitening technology offers accelerated, safe teeth whitening, in the comfort of your own home. EU Approved Non Peroxide Gel

Mr D Bambridge Surrey
"My dentist told me to beware of using illegal low cost Peroxide kits, this kit is a God Send, no sensitivity and perfect results"

Mrs Hampton Cheshire UK
"I was a bit dubious about the Non Peroxide, but I was amazed at the difference this LED kit made, 10/10"

Mr Baker Durham UK
"I had tried quite a few whitening products before, crest strips and such like, but this kit gave by far the best results"

Mrs Talbot Devon UK
"After doing some research, I finally decided to give a Non-Peroxide kit a go. I was very pleasantly suprised!"

Mr James Somerset UK
"This whitening kit is easy to use and the most 'mess free', I have tried"

Mrs Snowdon Gloucester UK
"Would highly recommend"

Product Description:

Our LED Light Teeth Whitening kit, is a teeth whitening system designed to be used in the comfort of your own home.

The professionally formulated whitening gel, combined with safe LED blue light technology work quickly to remove surface and embedded tooth stains such as those caused by red wine , tea, coffee, staining due to smoking, intrinsic staining and ageing.

Why Our Kit?

. A quick, safe and simple way to whiten teeth that's easy to use.
. A Peroxide Free gel which is environmentally and human friendly
. Specially formulated gel collaborates with advanced Blue Light Technology
. Ideal for staining caused by tea, coffee, red wine, anti-biotics and discolouration due to smoking and ageing
. Ideal to maintain optimum teeth whiteness after a specialist whitening consultation
. 14 applications in kit, additional gels and activator available to purchase for kit.

The Procedure

Simply syringe a line of whitening gel into the mouth tray and place it in your mouth resting it against your teeth. Turn the teeth whitening light pack unit on and the blue light will run for 10 minutes before automatically turning off.
When the treatment is complete, remove the light pack unit from your mouth. For best teeth whitening results you can repeat the treatment up to three times in one session.

What's in the Kit?

. LED Light Teeth Whitening Unit
. 2 x Mouth Trays
. 1 x Syringe containing tooth Whitening Gel Peroxide Free
. 1 x Activator
. 2 x Lithium Batteries
. Tooth whitening instruction Guide

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Please Note

It is important that you maintain good oral hygiene with regular visits to your dentist. This product is not to be used as an alternative to dental visits.

**Shipping to Mainland Europe is £10 extra per kit**